Straight From 2 Time Stanford All-American, Former Top 100 ATP World Ranked Player And High Performance Tennis Coach...
"Now You Can Learn The One Deadly Shot That Can
Turn Your Forehand Into A Match Winning Weapon
Just Like Nadal's Blistering Forehand"
NOTE: The Buggy Whip Blueprint is a downloadable online course. No physical products will be shipped.
What's Inside The Buggy Whip Blueprint Package?
  • The Step By Step Proven Buggy Whip Forehand System That’ll Work For You Every Time
  • Easy, Follow Along Videos To Help You Create Your Own Technically Sound Buggy Whip Forehand Even If You Have Struggled For Years
  • Step-By-Step Footwork Patterns That Take You By The Hand To Make Learning The Right Footwork Possible…Finally
  • 19 Ways To Easily Use The Buggy Whip In Every Place On the Court When You Feel Stressed
  • Super Bonus For Left Handed Players: Lefty Videos So That You Can Learn Easier And Faster If You Are A Lefty
  • Bonus Lessons On Technique, Footwork, And Strategies That You Can Use INSTANTLY
  • Super Slo Motion Video Lessons Breaking Down All The Finer Points Of The Buggy Whip Forehand
  • The Big Ideas That Help All My Students Create Buggy Whip Forehand Success
  • The Best Ball Tossing And Shadow Stroke Drills To Help You Develop Your Buggy Whip Forehand
  • The "Drive" "Hook" "Lasso" And "Flick" Finish Positions To Dramatically Improve Your Balance On All Your Shots
  • The Bonus Interviews And Checklists To Inspire You To Stay Motivated And Focused To Make Your Buggy Whip Into A Game Changing Weapon
  • And Much, Much More!
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Jeff Salzenstein after playing an exhibition with World Number #1 Doubles team, Mike and Bob Bryan
"Buggy Whip Forehand Testimonials"
“Dear fellow tennis players: I have known Jeff Salzenstein or as I prefer to call him “Seagull” for well over a decade. I had the tremendous pleasure of coaching Jeff on the ATP tour when he made his run into the top 100.
While on this magical journey we worked on his buggy whip forehand and turned it into a lethal weapon. I watched him beat Fernando Verdasco and Jo Wilfred Tsonga using the buggy whip finish on his forehand side which enabled him to hit outright winners against these two players and many other ATP players in countless matches during his career in clutch moments.

Jeff knows how valuable the buggy whip forehand is to all players and with his Buggy Whip Blueprint, he can provide all players and coaches with a complete understanding of the stroke mechanics and footwork patterns of this vital shot.“
 Joseph O’Dwyer, ATP tour coach and high performance junior coach
The buggy whip forehand finish that Jeff taught me WAS the missing ingredient to my game. As a 4.0 last year I was having trouble keeping pace and depth on the low slice to my forehand and the buggy whip finish allowed me to counter the slice and stay on the offensive.
It also works great out wide or when I wanted to create more angle on my forehand. By utilizing the buggy whip finish I was able to take a weakness in my game and turn it into a weapon and I credit this change as a major factor in getting moved up to the 4.5 level this year. Thanks Jeff!”
Taylor, 4.5 Player Adult player
“Jeff Salzenstein’s buggy whip teaching methods is one of the simplest ways to take a weekend warrior to the next level. I have used Jeff’s buggy whip techniques and have taken aspiring junior tennis players from being ranked outside the top 100 to being ranked inside the top 2 of their state.
I’ve helped 4.0 players reach the 4.5 level with only teaching them the buggy whip stroke. Jeff explains the buggy whip in such a simple way that any tennis player can easily start using this amazing stroke in just a few minutes..
With Jeff’s help you will realize the buggy whip is not a tennis stroke to be afraid of, but a stroke that will take your tennis game to new levels.”
Erik, High performance junior coach
The Buggy Whip Blueprint
Inside The Buggy Whip Blueprint, you’ll get:
Component 1:
(VALUE $197)
First off, you’re going to get the Buggy Whip Blueprint "Shots" Module valued at $197. In this powerful module, you’ll get 19 ways, yes 19 ways to use the the buggy whip forehand. You're going to discover how to use the buggy whip on the run, in defensive positions, on passing shots and topspin lobs, and when transitioning to the net. You're going to get the complete breakdown on the proper finishes and footwork to use in all of the situations you can use the buggy whip. Watching and learning from this "shots" module will give you the clarity you need on how to use the buggy whip properly. These game changing lessons will uncover all the details you need to make your buggy whip forehand into a weapon.
Component 2:
(VALUE $97)
You’re also going to receive the Buggy Whip Blueprint Slow Motion Videos valued at $197. You’re going to get a complete break down of the buggy whip forehand in super slow motion detail. You get to watch every aspect of the buggy whip forehand from many angles where you can absorb what it looks like to hit top notch buggy whip forehand looks like. These are slow motion videos of my buggy whip forehand, both in righty and left format. You’re going to really learn by watching without any sound or talking in the background. Each component of the buggy whip forehand is demonstrated clearly so you can pick out the elements you need to improve.
Component 3:
(VALUE $97)
You’re also going to receive the Buggy Whip Blueprint Drills valued at $97. Imagine getting the drills you need to make your buggy whip forehand into a strength that you can rely on under pressure. You’re going to get the drills that you can easily download to study and take them with you on to the court. The ball tossing and shadow drills were specifically designed to help you practice your buggy whip and to really master the concepts that will give you that edge. You can use these drills to refine your technique and footwork This is one of the missing ingredients required to solve the buggy whip forehand puzzles not covered by other coaches.
Component 4:
(VALUE $97)
You’re also going to get the Buggy Whip Blueprint Big Ideas Videos valued at $97. There is so much information in this comprehensive buggy whip forehand course, it can feel a bit overwhelming for some players. There’s a lot of information to cover and that’s why the Big Ideas Module was created especially for you. You’ll get the master keys for your buggy whip forehand success. These are my personal foundational concepts that will help you truly “get” how you can hit awesome buggy whip forehand over and over again. If you ever feel confused or overwhelmed, you can come to the Big Ideas module and review these lesson videos in order to get refocused on what’s important to transform your buggy whip forehand. These are some of my most powerful tips and strategies that will provide your road map for buggy whip forehand success.
Component 5:
(VALUE $57)
Now, if that’s not all, you’re also going to get the Buggy Whip Blueprint Quickstart Videos valued at $57. In this section you’ll get the mindset tips to help you have the right perspective to learn and improve. Focusing on the right mindset keys as you approach the lessons in this course will accelerate your learning. The key is to follow my lead and to put your attention on having an open ,ind, feeling your body, focusing on your finish, performing your shadow strokes and footwork so that you can get the desired results. All the best tips in the world won't help you much unless you have our mind in the right place to learn and develop and this section will get you started.
Component 6:
(VALUE $197)
Now, if that’s not all, you’re also going to get the Buggy Whip Blueprint Left Handed Demonstration Videos valued at $197. If you’re left handed, breathe easy knowing that I remembered you. You see, I am left handed too. So I know what it feels like to be left out. In this one of a kind program, I’ve included left handed buggy whip forehand demonstration and lesson videos which will make it easier for all you lefties out there to learn. I want all players, (lefty and righty), to have the opportunity to learn in the most efficient way possible.
FREE Bonus #1
“Bonus Lessons” 
$197 Value, FREE!
You’re also going to get more free Buggy Whip Blueprint Bonus Videos valued at $97. You’re going to get even more value when you have access to such lessons that will help your buggy whip technique, your footwork, your strategy, and much, much, more. These bonus lessons will give you even more mastery over your buggy whip forehand. There are some big time buggy whip tips in this bonus section for you. Just one of these video lessons can change everything for you, and get you where you want to go with this all important shot.
FREE Bonus #2
“Finish Voiceover Lessons”
$57 Value, FREE!
You’re also going to get more free Buggy Whip Blueprint Finish Voiceover Lessons valued at $57. You’re going to get even more value when you have access to such lessons that will help you understand the 4 finishes that I teach on the buggy whip. You'll learn about these powerful finishes: "the drive", "the hook", "the flick", and "the lasso". These finishes can be used on different shots and in various scenarios depending on what you want to do to the ball. Once you practice these different finishes you can move towards true mastery of your buggy whip forehand.
FREE Bonus #3
“Launch Video Lessons” 
$57 Value, FREE!
You’re also going to get the values 3 Pre-Launch Buggy Whip Blueprint video lessons valued at $57 that I released before the worldwide launch of this course. In these videos, you’ll discover the difference between the Sampras and Nadal buggy whip forehands and how the grip impacts what the finish will look like. You'll also learn the #1 mistake you must AVOID on your buggy whip and that includes avoiding what Maria Sharapova does on her buggy whip. Plus, you're going to learn how to hit the buggy whip on the dead run, how to use it to handle fast balls and how to put away sitters that pushers give you. These videos lesson will open your eyes to what’s possible with your buggy whip forehand and are capable of transforming your buggy whip forehand so just watching these will help you do some serious damage against your opponents.
FREE Bonus #4
“Jeff’s Buggy Whip Forehand Story” 
$57 Value, FREE!
You’re also going to get the my complete Buggy Whip Forehand Story Bonus valued at $97. In this power-packed interview done on court with my good friend, and fellow coach, Andy Zodin, I share my buggy whip forehand history with you. It’s a behind the scenes in-depth look at how I developed my own forehand as a player including what I discovered on the pro tour that helped me break the top 100 in the world on the ATP tour for the first time at the age of 30. You’ll discover how I approach hitting and teaching the buggy whip forehand based on my own experiences as player and coach. All my blood, sweat, tears years of intense, relentless research and experimentation went to this course to put this cutting edge Buggy Whip Blueprint system together especially for you. This was a really fun interview to do, and I know you’ll enjoy it.
FREE Bonus #5
“Bonus Interviews”
$97 Value, FREE!
You’re also going to get Audio Bonus Interviews valued at $97. You get to listen to expert players and coaches share their knowledge and expertise on the buggy whip forehand and how their insight can help you improve. Some of the notable tennis experts interviewed for this series were John Yandell (founder of, Joseph O’Dwyer, (who coached me when I broke the top 100 in the world, Michael Joyce (coached Maria Sharapova for 6 years), and James McGee (Irish David Cupper).These interviews were amazing because in each one there were some really powerful tips shared from these experts.
FREE Bonus #6
“Shoulder Prehab Exercises”
$37 Value, FREE!
In the Buggy Whip Blueprint Shoulder Prehab Exercises Bonus at $37, you're going to get some special exercises to help your body handle the stress of using the buggy whip more. The key to preventing injuries is often preventing them with the appropriate "prehab"exercises. That's why I call it prehab and not rehab. Prehab comes before the injury occurs, rehab is what you do after. These exercises will improve your flexibility, your mobility, your strength and your stability and a consistent dose of them will make a world of difference.
FREE Bonus #7
“PDF Manuals”
$97 Value, FREE!
And if that’s not all, you’ll receive the Buggy Whip Blueprint PDF Documents valued at $97 to support your overall buggy whip progress improvement and results. You’ll have access to the Buggy Whip Forehand Evaluation, the Quickstart Checklist, the 6 Week Success Log, and the On Court Note Cards. These documents and checklists will help you track your progress and keep you focused on your goals with your buggy whip forehand on and off the court. There’s nothing like having a plan to help you succeed wand these documents can help you stick to your plan.
“More Buggy Whip Forehand Success Stories”
“The buggy whip is an excellent shot to use, especially when put into a defensive position on the forehand side. It’s great shot to use if the ball gets above your shoulders and it has won me countless points when hitting running forehands.
It is especially good to use on slower high bouncing court as you can generate a lot of spin from difficult positions in the court. You can use it as well as on fast low bouncing skidding court surfaces when you are feel rushed or late in your forehand.
Try it out… it will definitely elevate your game. “
James McGee, Irish Davis Cupper and 250 ATP ranked player
"One of the many invaluable skills I’ve learned from Jeff is the secret to the buggy whip forehand. It’s now one of my most effective shots. The buggy whip allows me to hit hard, heavy balls even when I am late and on the run.
It also helps me avoid hitting my swinging volleys in the net and when I’m stretched on returns. If you look at the top players in the game today, they all have the buggy whip mastered. Some use it more than others, but it’s a shot that I needed to take my game to the next level."
Max, high level junior player
“I struggled with my forehand my whole life while hitting under pressure. After trying the buggy whip forehand, it made me feel like I really hit through the ball for the first time.
I now use it for myself and in teaching all levels, as I really feel it helps the student feel proper body rotation and they stick to it when they practice and play.”
Dan Gray, USPTA Master Pro
"But What If The Buggy Whip Blueprint Doesn't Work For Me?"
Then It's ALL FREE.
And just to show you how much I believe in this program and the amazing buggy whip forehand results it's going to give you, I'm going to do something today I've NEVER done before — something 99.9% of all other coaches would never consider doing.
1 Year Money Back Guarantee for the
Buggy Whip Blueprint Program!
Yes! If you aren't able to use the buggy whip forehand to win more matches.  you can ask for a full money back refund.

You’ll get 365 days to try out the Buggy Whip Blueprint program and see how amazingly well works for you.

I am very confident that you will have breakthrough results with the strategies and tactics you uncover in the Buggy Whip Blueprint program.

With my coaching expertise when it comes to the buggy whip forehand technique and how to use it, you'll be able to handle the forehands you used to miss.  The Buggy Whip Blueprint program will be your go to resource to develop this unique specialty shot.. Like i said before if you are happy with this program for any reason, you can send an email to our help desk, and will give you ever penny back. You never have to worry about flaky customer service here. You can feel at ease that we will take good care of you.

So take advantage of this incredibly bold offer I’m giving you and get ready to give your buggy whip forehand, your tennis game, and yourself a wonderful gift by trying the Buggy Whip Blueprint program today:
Think about this for a second…if you really put your mind to it, studied every tennis book under the sun, watched every tennis instruction dvd out there, invested in coaching from world class players and coaches, and practiced for years honing your skills then maybe, just maybe, you could develop your own forehand system for yourself…it would probably take over 20 years to unlock the SECRETS that I UNCOVERED that I’ve put in the REVOLUTIONARY Buggy Whip Blueprint program.

I’m going to be brutally honest with you…it would be almost impossible to develop such a program on your own.

I know this because I realze what I had to go through and where I had to search to find the answers for you.
If you would prefer to:
  • Skip all that work
  • Rely on the fact that I already did ALL the work for you
  • Start getting results now with the proven and effective Buggy Whip Blueprint program
  • Do so completely risk-free with your results guaranteed for a 1 year
Then this is probably going to be one of the EASIEST decisions you’ve ever made..
You’re going to LOVE the decision you’ve make today. I can’t wait to hear about all the incredible buggy whip forehand progress you’re going to make in the next few weeks!
Committed to your tennis success,
Jeff Salzenstein
Former ATP Top 100 Player
USTA High Performance Coach
Stanford All-American and National Champion
P.S. Don’t forget… with my 1 Year Money-Back Guarantee, there’s absolutely ZERO risk when you try the Buggy Whip Blueprint program today!

Either this program delivers results for you or you get your entire investment back. Period. End of story.

Now if you feel even a a hint of hope that the Buggy Whip Blueprint might work for you and will take your forehand to new levels, then you owe it to yourself to simply try it out today, with absolutely NO- risk whatsoever!

P.P.S. Do you have any questions about this program? Here are some answers for you, let me take care of that for you!
Q: What is the Buggy Whip Blueprint Program?
A: The Buggy Whip Blueprint is the revolutionary program developed by me, a 2 Time All-American at Stanford, a former world class top 100 ATP player and USTA High Performance Coach. It gives you the blueprint to transform your forehand when you are under stress because let's face can't always get in perfect position on every shot. . In this program, you’ll learn about the best techniques, footwork, tips, and strategies to use the buggy whip forehand in so many places on the court. This program has been strategically designed to improve your buggy whiporehand in the SHORTEST time possible.
Q: How is Buggy Whip Blueprint different from the other buggy whip forehand programs out there?
A: Well, first of all, there's nothing else like it out there. No other programs on the buggy whip forehand exist. This is revolutionary and one of a kind and you get access to it. The Buggy Whip Blueprint IS the GO TO buggy whip forehand instruction system available today especially because this program works for EVERYONE, regardless of your age or ability, you’ll discover so much cutting edge information that will help you take the right action everytime you step on the court.

Here is what I know…the information and lesson you’ll get in this program comes from my personal in the trenches experiences as a player and a coach. You’re going to learn from my own past failures and successes. You’re going to learn from the countless hours of video analysis I did on all the best buggy whip forehands in the world. You're going to get all the best tips I discovered from while working with some exceptionally gifted coaches.

I’m very confident…

1. The Buggy Whip Blueprint program is going to work very well for you.
2. Other tennis coaches might try to copy this Buggy Whip Blueprint program within the next few years.

And you could wait for them to try to copy this program someday (but we both know it will never match up to this comprehensive) or you can get the most powerful buggy whip forehand program ever created straight from the original creator.
Q: How long will it take to improve my buggy whip forehand? I have a lot going on in my life (school, friends, family, etc.)
A: The Buggy Whip Blueprint is designed to help you right now. Some players improve the buggy whip INSTANTLY with my teaching system…for other players it may take a little longer. But I guarantee that if you study the program and take action, your buggy whip will improve.
Q: Will the Buggy Whip Blueprint work for me? I've never been that gifted at tennis, and it seems to come very hard to me.
A: The great news is that regardless of your ability level you can improve your buggy whip forehand. From beginner to pro, this program will challenge you and teach how to have the most efficient technique and to get into the most balanced positions on the court to hit amazing buggy whip forehands. You’ll get the simple, easy, and effective tips to follow so you can improve FAST.

So even if you’re struggling with your buggy whip forehand, you can rest easy knowing you’ll get the guidance that WILL work for you right now. Just practice the simple tips and strategies I lay out for you, and you’ll feel the progress quickly.

If you’re already crushing your buggy whip forehand, you can still benefit greatly from this program because you can practice some of the more advanced concepts as well as master the fundamentals. Remember, solid technique, footwork, and strategic fundamentals are the key to success and this program has it for you.
Q: So do you think this program is going to be too complicated?
A: The Buggy Whip Blueprint is broken down into specific modules that will SPEED UP the learning process. It is easy to navigate s that you can find the lessons that will help you.
Inside the course, you’ll find each module available depending on where you want to go first to get the strategies you’re looking for. If you want to get clear on the main points to help you, check out the BIG IDEAS module. To discover all the different shots you can use the buggy whip on, go to "SHOTS" module. In fact, there are 19 ways to use th ebuggy whip with 4 different finishes and I lay it all out for you here. If you want drills to break old habits and create new ones, you’ll find those in the DRILLS module. If you want to watch super slo motion lessons to pick out every little detail you can learn, you can go to the powerful SLOW MOTION module. Plus, there are tons of other fabulous bonuses waiting for you inside this program.

The value packed BONUS module contains the comprehensive “Bonus” section to help your buggy whip technique, your footwork, and strategy, the "Finish Voiceover Lessons," my own personal “Buggy Whip Forehand Story,” “Interviews With Top Coaches And Players,” the valuable ”Pre Launch Videos,” the "Prehab Shoulder Exercises" and ”the Buggy Whip Forehand PDF Documents” that include a quickstart checklist, a forehand evaluation, a 6 week success log, and on court note cards.

You’ll find this program full of exciting, fun, and powerful lessons and tips to make your buggy whip forehand a solid once and for all. Basically, the results are waiting for you when you dive into this incredible course.
Q: How long will it take to get results?
A: This program was created to help you dominate with your buggy whip forehand as QUICKLY as possible. I’m confident the results will happen fast when you take massive action. You’ll likely see your BIGGEST improvement when you focus on one strategy until it becomes totally naturally to you. Some players get amazing results immediately. The goal is to give you the tips to improve NOW and in the long run.
Q: For the Buggy Whip Blueprint program, how much will I need to practice on court?
A: Your court time will vary depending where you are at with your buggy whip forehand and your approach to learning. Some players require more time on court to get their skills down. But the real key is the QUALITY time you spend practicing these lessons on and off the court. You see, you can actually get better faster with LESS time on court if you practice the right way and perform the right drills.
Q: What if the program doesn’t help me improve my buggy whip forehand?
A: Then it’s all on me. It’s completely FREE. There is absolutely NO risk to you. It is ALL on me and I’m taking all the risk.
I KNOW the Buggy Whip Blueprint program works. I’ve lived it, and Iv’e seen how the lessons and strategies have transformed buggy whip forehands very QUICKLY.

But I also “get it” that buying something on the Internet and not knowing me personally might still leave you a tad skeptical. I want you to know that I understand.

So…to make this a complete no-brainer, risk-free opportunity for you, here’s what I’m going to do: for each and every player who that picks BWB, I’m going to make sure you get my Iron-Clad, 1 Year Money Back, Satisfaction Guarantee.

When you follow the Buggy Whip Blueprint program exactly as I lay it out in the course, and your buggy whip forehand doesn’t improve faster than it ever has, just contact my support team and I’ll refund your money as quickly as possible. It’s really that simple.

And I’ll happily respect your request for 365 days — not for just 30 or 60 days. I’m so confident in my system that I’ll guarantee your results for 1 year.

A 1 YEAR Guarantee.

I stand by my program as the most effective, cutting-edge buggy whip forehand system out there, and if it doesn’t give you results, you get your money back. No hassle, no hoops to jump through, just a prompt and courteous refund.

I’m so excited about how this program will help your buggy whip forehand that all I want is the opportunity to prove to you that it works. Sure, some people will take advantage of this generous money-back guarantee. But, I’m not worried about them…I focused on helping you get better FAST.

Take advantage of this massive discount because this price is only available to special subscribers.
Jeff Salzenstein
Found Of Tennis Evolution
USTA High Performance Coach
Former ATP Top 100 Singles and Doubles Player
NOTE: The Buggy Whip Blueprint is a downloadable online course. No physical products will be shipped.
After you order, you will gain Instant Access to the inside of Buggy Whip Blueprint.
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