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Buggy Whip Blueprint
Give Yourself The Winning "EDGE" With The Buggy Whip
Forehand. You Will Get Proven Lessons, Drills, And Strategies
From Jeff Salzenstein, Former Top 100 ATP Singles Player,
2 Time Stanford All-American And National Champion, And
World Class Coach.
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$97.00 SPECIAL OFFER: Want to get your Tennis Fundamentals dialed in on ALL your strokes? Then get the Tennis Fundamentals Unlocked which includes the powerful Serve And Return Module, the detailed Forehand and Backhand modules the Match Play Strategies Bonus, the Volley and Overhead modules, the Deadly Mistakes, and much much more.. This program is valued at $297 and you get this special offer today.

Here's what you will get...
  • Learn The Buggy Whip "Hook" Finish
  • Use The Buggy Whip On Defensive Shots
  • How To Hit The Buggy Whip Running Forehand
  • Discover How To Use The Buggy Against Slice
  • Use The Buggy To Hit Wicked Passing Shots
What People Are Saying About Jeff's Serve Lessons 

- Joseph O’Dwyer, ATP tour coach and high performance junior coach

"...While on this magical journey we worked on his buggy whip forehand and turned it into a lethal weapon. I watched him beat Fernando Verdasco and Jo Wilfred Tsonga using the buggy whip finish on his forehand side. Jeff knows how valuable the buggy whip forehand is to all players and with his Buggy Whip Blueprint, he can provide all players and coaches with a complete understanding of the stroke mechanics and footwork patterns of this vital shot.“ 

- Dan Gray, USPTA Master Pro

“I struggled with my forehand my whole life while hitting under pressure. After trying the buggy whip forehand, it made me feel like I really hit through the ball for the first time. I now use it for myself and in teaching all levels, as I really feel it helps the student feel proper body rotation and they stick to it when they practice and play.”

- Max, college player

One of the many invaluable skills I’ve learned from Jeff is the secret to the buggy whip forehand. It’s now one of my most effective shots. The buggy whip allows me to hit hard, heavy balls even when I am late and on the run. It also helps me avoid hitting my swinging volleys in the net and when I’m stretched on returns. If you look at the top players in the game today, they all have the buggy whip mastered. Some use it more than others, but it’s a shot that I needed to take my game to the next level.“

- Taylor, 4.5 Player Adult player

"The buggy whip forehand finish that Jeff taught me WAS the missing ingredient to my game.“
Your Friend and Tennis Coach,
Jeff Salzenstein 
Founder, Tennis Evolution
USPTA Elite Professional
Former ATP Top 100  Player
Call Toll Free: 1(855) 930-1030
 Outside US Or Canada: +1 (303) 586-1887

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